Core Strengthening & Fat Burning Programme

In case you missed it, I have been covering the subject of tummies for the past month.  
This has been 20 days of free tips on Instagram for reducing belly fat, differentiating visceral and subcutaneous fat, strengthening our core, doing abs without tightening hip flexors, how lifestyle can affect belly fat accumulation, the menopause and belly fat… and more! Follow @mindbodydanceuk on Instagram to have a look or click here.
Have a quick look at this video if you’d like to know more about that….
Let’s talk tummies, core strength and belly fat Here
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Also excited about this one…
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Core Strengthening and Fat Burning workout programme.

I’ve put this together as I passionately believe that our workouts should be mindful and done correctly and kindly in order to be effective and sustainable.

This programmes consists of YouTube links that you will be sent once payment has been made:
4 x 15 minute core conditioning videos
4 x 15 minute cardio and control videos for you to do at home in your own timeThe cost for all videos (you can keep and do over and over) is
just £20.

Suitable for all abilities: The core conditioning is a mix of challenging but mindful exercises that target all postural muscles.

The Cardio and Control is a mix of 60 seconds of BODYBALLET-style movements to raise your heart rate while strengthening and lengthening, followed by 60 seconds of a held position to utilise your own resistance strength training.

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Lisa x

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