Bodyballet Hiit – 8 day online workout challenge


I have LOVED, thrived (and ached a little) filming these.
8 x 25 min workouts to do at home consecutively/every other day or repeat each day twice if really want to see & feel changes.
It’s £20 for the 8 links and I just need an email if you want to do this – all classes are via YouTube links so you can do them as many times as you like and at your convenience.
More info?
The videos are progressive and all 25 mins.
This is Interval training but Ballet technique is the base (no ballet experience necessary) and modifications are always given for those who need it. The blend of Interval training and ballet results in an awesome mindful workout that will challenge your stamina, strength and flexibility.
Each work out consists of 8 cardio moves and 8 body-conditioning moves. All are done for 1-2 minutes alternating between cardio and body conditioning.
These will strengthen & lengthen and do wonders for your posture and stamina 🙂
With love

Lisa x

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