Testimonials from ADULT DANCE class atendees

“MBD classes stretch, strengthen and tone in a manner that is hard to achieve in any other form exercise. I have lost approx 12lb in weight over the past year and it is all thanks to the fun way Lisa delivers her classes.”

“Why do I attend MBD classes? Simple…..it makes me happy, I didn’t realise how much I missed dancing until I started again.
I like taking different classes & various dance styles that Lisa can teach, I love the discipline of Bodyballet​ & I’m noticing the benefit throughout​ my body. It’s time for me, dancing, trying to be a ballerina, having fun & keeping fit”

“Lisa’s huge dance styles repertoire and excellent teaching skills means her classes are fun, instructive, fulfilling and make you want to come back for more.”

Testimonials from parents of KIDS STREET DANCE classses

“My daughter loves to dance and Lisa is such a talented, inspirational teacher who brings such fun and enthusiasm to class every week. The choreography is incredible that the children learn and Lisa’s passion for dance, music and teaching comes shining through! I couldn’t recommend MBD enough and I am truly pleased that my daughter is part of a wonderful group where she learns, develops and has fun with friends every week.”

“All three of my girls really enjoy Lisa’s dance classes. Each one has grown in confidence as they learn more and more dance techniques each term. They always come away from each class buzzing with excitement and can’t wait to practice the new dance moves at home. They enjoy every minute of class and think the world of Lisa, as a parent I’m happy as I get to see all their hard work in their end of term shows, again which highlights both Lisa’s professionalism and talent as both a dancer and a teacher.”

“My daughter really enjoys street dance. She practices loads at home and enjoys learning new routines. Also it’s great that there are some shows throughout the year as it gives them something to aim for and a sense of what it is like to perform so also great for confidence. She always has a big smile on her face after class as also finds it lots of fun. Lisa manages to incorporate fun along with keeping the kids in order.”

“My daughter loves coming to Lisa’s street dance class. Lisa knows so may different dance styles, and is so good at choreography that the classes are always great fun and varied. The end of term dances are proof that the kids really listen to her! It’s the highlight of daughters week!”