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Stand tall (effort) but relax your face and shoulders (ease).

Need to pause and listen to YOU for a moment? What do you need? What does your mind and body need? Listen.

Finding balance is on so many levels (and not just standing on one leg for 2 hours!).  In yoga we aim to find a balance of Sukkha (comfort and relexation) and Sthira (Steadiness and stability) so here will try to put in the right amount of effort (through a physical Hatha flow) and ease (through pranyama, our breath).  A flowing wprkshop with moments of stillness, ease and a chakra-balancing meditaion.

If you’d like one of the limited places, then do book in and then come as you are, bring a mat and feel the benefits 🙂

Date & time: Sat 19th Feb 2022 10am – midday
Price £20/pp
Location: The Point at Polzeath

If you have any injuries please inform me upon booking so I can ensure I have suitable modifications prepared.

Limited places and booking must be through payment in advance. To book your place please email:

Lisa x

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