Yoga Workshop for Hip & Glute Pain & Tightness

Mega-sor-ars anyone?
Tight hips/glute/pelvis is so common, particularly in women over 30 and those who have had children. There are many reasons for with the most common being muscle imbalance, weakness and incorrect posture due to seated/sedetary jobs and also emotional tension (we store A LOT in this area). The good news is we are not powerless. There are many movement, posture and breathing technques that can be utilised for releasing and strengthening the pelvic area.

This workshop is designed for anyone who needs some tools to help release (a little or a lot of) tension or discomfort in the hips and glutes. We will be working through a range of flowing and stillness asanas focusing on the whole of the hip socket (front to back) as well as all the muscles, ligaments and fascia in and around the buttocks, upper legs and lower back. We will be spending some time in more yin-like postures in the second half of the class so students will need warm layers, a blanket and a pillow as well as your yoga mat.

Sounds like your thing?

Date & time: Sunday 7th Nov 10am – midday
Price £20/pp
Location: The Point at Polzeath

Suitable for all abilities. If you have any injuries please inform me upon booking so I can ensure I have suitable modifications prepared.

Limited places and booking must be through payment in advance. To book your place please email:

Lisa x


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