Online dance and Yoga classes

Information for  Pre-reorded (Via YouTube) classes are below.

 I currently have over 60 FREE dance, Bodyballet fitness and Yoga videos on the MBD Work Out Like A Dancer YouTube Channel.

There are also many specialised online courses that can be purchased at very affordable prices. Details below. Email to purchase any.

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5 x pre-recorded classes 20-30min
£18 for all five.
To get them EMAIL
Please dont message as my DM has been hacked.
Sculpt is a workout based on my Bodyballet technique, incorporating Ballet, Hiit and Yoga, but with a focus on both small and large muscle groups.
This challenging workout will target the ‘hard to reach’ areas and strengthen and lengthen the whole body.
These pre recorded workouts can be done in any order



The 12 Days of Workout Challenge!
£20 for the 12 workouts – message for payment details and links if you’d like to sign up 🙂
This 12 day progressive challenge is designed for busy women who want to strengthen and lengthen their bodies and feel energised and uplifted. Workouts are a blend of the best bodyballet, yoga and Hiit techniques with modifications available. Workout lengths vary from 12 – 22 minutes and no equipment is needed.
You can do them anytime and as many times as you like.

The Original MBD 14 Day Workout Challenge is an expert blend of Bodyballet and YogaTone to strengthen and lengthen your body. The workouts are designed to be done in 14 consecutive days of intense 20 – 30 practices that will enhance your practice and strengthen your whole body with noticeable changes. Access would be to private YouTube videos that you can do at home at a chosen time starting Wednesday June 17 The cost for 14 days worth of expertly-put- together videos would be just £25 If you’d like to sign up please email me at:

Info Video

What people have been saying:

Core Strengthening and Fat Burning workout programme.

I’ve put this together as I passionately believe that our workouts should be mindful and done correctly and kindly in order to be effective and sustainable.
This programmes consists of YouTube links that you will be sent once payment has been made:

 4 x 15 minute core conditioning videos
4 x 15 minute cardio and control videos for you to do at home in your own timeThe cost for all videos (you can keep and do over and over) is
just £20.Suitable for all abilities: The core conditioning is a mix of challenging but mindful exercises that target all postural muscles.The Cardio and Control is a mix of 60 seconds of BODYBALLET-style movements to raise your heart rate while strengthening and lengthening, followed by 60 seconds of a held position to utilise your own resistance strength training.
8 x 20 minute workouts (2 full body, 2 upper body, 2 cardio and core and 2 bum & legs focus)
these are designed to be mixed and matched to suit your own needs and done 2-4 times/week to improve body condition, core strength, posture and of course strengthen and lengthen. COST £16
5 x 30minute practices focusing on physical techniques to build strength in the body, increasing range of movement and re-aligning where necessary. Practices will include stamina-building dynamic flow alongside slower and more static deep release stretches.
This will be suitable for all levels with modifications available.
COST £16

8 days Bodyballet-HIIT Challenge

I have LOVED, thrived (and ached a little) filming these.
8 x 25 min workouts to do at home consecutively/every other day or repeat each day twice if really want to see & feel changes.
It’s £20 for the 8 links and I just need an email if you want to do this – all classes are via YouTube links so you can do them as many times as you like and at your convenience.
More info?
The videos are progressive and all 25 mins.
This is Interval training but Ballet technique is the base (no ballet experience necessary) and modifications are always given for those who need it. The blend of Interval training and ballet results in an awesome mindful workout that will challenge your stamina, strength and flexibility.
Each work out consists of 8 cardio moves and 8 body-conditioning moves. All are done for 1-2 minutes alternating between cardio and body conditioning.
These will strengthen & lengthen and do wonders for your posture and stamina 

Lisa x